Generative BRC-721: a solution to optimize block space usage in the Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem, accommodating more creators and fostering innovation.

Github Explanation: https://github.com/jerryfane/generative-brc-721

Link tree to tooling: https://www.gbrc721.xyz/#

Twitter Thread: https://twitter.com/OrdinalLabs/status/1665005598318948352 Comparison Tweet Thread: https://twitter.com/OrdinalLabs/status/1666866635691393040

Generative BRC-721 Standard for Bitcoin Ordinals Ecosystem

This document outlines the Generative BRC-721 standard, an innovative protocol aimed at optimizing block space usage on the Bitcoin network. This standard will streamline the creation and minting of Non-Fungible Ordinals (NFOs), ultimately reducing block space usage between 50% and 90%.


The Generative BRC-721 standard employs a two-step process:

  1. Deploy Operation: Create a Generative BRC-721 collection with unique traits stored on-chain.

  2. Mint Operation: Generate a Non-Fungible Ordinal (NFO) which references the traits from the deploy operation.

A case study involving a Generative BRC-721 collection called "OrdiBots" has demonstrated a block space reduction of 55%.

Deploy Operation

The deploy operation creates a Generative BRC-721 collection. It uses a JSON/Text inscription to store the general information of the collection and the base64 encoded data of the traits composing the collection on-chain.

Here is a JSON example of a deploy operation inscription for the "OrdiBots" collection:

    "p": "gen-brc-721",
    "op": "deploy",
    "slug": "ordibots",
    "name": "OrdiBots",
    "supply": 1000,
    "trait_types": [
    "dim": [32,32],
    "traits": {
        "background": {
            "blue": {
                "name": "Blue",
            // more backgrounds
        "accessories": {
            "antenna": {
                "name": "Antenna",
            // more accessories
        // other traits

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