๐Ÿ“œSample OIP-001

Sample OIP-001 if Ordinal Improvement Proposals are accepted.

  1. Header Preamble: Each OIP must begin with a header preamble, which contains the following fields:

    • OIP: OIP number

    • Title: OIP title

    • Author: list of authors' real names and optionally, email addresses

    • Discussions-To: (optional) email address

    • Status: Draft | Active | Accepted | Deferred | Rejected | Withdrawn | Final | Superseded

    • Type: Standards Track | Informational | Process

    • Created: date created on, in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) format

    • Post-History: (optional) dates of postings to Ordinals mailing list

    • Replaces: (optional) OIP number that this OIP replaces

    • Superseded-By: (optional) OIP number that supersedes this OIP

    • Resolution: (optional) URL where the pronouncement about the OIP is madeโ€‹.

  2. Transferring OIP Ownership: If necessary, ownership of OIPs can be transferred to a new champion. The original author is usually retained as a co-author of the transferred OIP, but that's up to the original authorโ€‹.

  3. OIP Editors: The role of an OIP editor is to monitor OIP changes and correct any structure, grammar, spelling, or markup mistakes. They also check whether the OIP is ready by ensuring that the ideas make technical sense, the title accurately describes the content, and the language and markup are correctly used. If an OIP is not ready, the editor sends it back to the author for revision with specific instructions.

  4. OIP Approval Process: The OIP goes through different stages before it can be implemented.

    • Draft: The OIP is submitted to the community through mailing list.

    • Proposed: The OIP includes a plan on how to implement the change.

    • Final: The OIP is accepted and ready to be implementedโ€‹.

  5. Community Consensus: Since Ordinals doesn't have central authority, consensus within the community is crucial. The focus should be on one single, key change to minimize controversy and long, drawn-out discussionsโ€‹.

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